A story of love and betrayal.

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After years of searching for love pepe finally meets pepita

YT Video Series

Each Week 2 new videos of the series will be released on youtube. Enjoy the comical but also tragic story of Pepe and Pepita. This will enforce Pepita's Meme domination in the crypto sphere.


Pepita is a memecoin project created in the Binance smart chain(BSC-20)following the story of two frogs that were brought together by love and seperated by greed. We aim to create a fun and entertaining ecosystem for our community while at the same time generating passive income to all our holders.Simply hold and earn BUSD stable-coin in your wallet.

The story of Pepita

Pepita was just a frog when Pepe met her at the pepepond and thought he had found the love of his life. Initially, Pepita was mesmerized by Pepe's wealth. Over time, however, she began to envision herself overtaking Pepe's throne. Following their divorce, the love of the people for Pepita convinced the judges to grant her significant financial support. Now independent, Pepita rewards those who help her by giving away half of her money as BUSD rewards.


  • Tax for buy/sell 6%

  • 4% rewards

  • 1% liquidity

  • 1% marketing and development

Token Distribution

  • 50% burn

  • 33% presale

  • 16% liquidity

  • 1% team


Phase One

  • Token creation

  • Twitter/telegram launch

  • Pinksale fairlaunch creation

  • Pre-launch marketing push

  • Launching token on pancake swap

  • Post-launch continuous marketing

  • CMC/CG listing

Phase two

  • Dashboard creating

  • NFT mining platform

  • CEX listings

  • 10000+ holders

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